European Quality Euro Legal finance company
Concept «Moneylism»
Legal Eur is not a novice in the business services market in Europe. Due to increasing competition the company has decided to update its corporate identity and business policy as a whole. For these purposes, it has developed a new business plan aimed at market penetration thanks to modern approaches. It remained to find someone who would embody the new face of the company to life. And this “someone” we become.
We have identified that the main task of the logo to break the link with the law firm. Contact jurisprudence often used method among competing companies, we do not need clichés. The concept was born when connecting sign euro EURO and maximum focus but the association of the new logo with the money.
Euro Legal is both financial and investment institution. Company reliable, honest and direct player in the market. Euro Legal represents the best European quality and financial traditions that customers expect from the business.
And the values ​​of the elements
graphic signs
Euro bill and gold coins
As the basis of graphic images of the euro currency sign were used. It was decided to use a font similar to the font on the bills to sign with a familiar type is better perceived by customers. In addition, 3 gold lines symbolize the euro coins fins, and total kvadrtanaya form – stability and sustainability.
Dark Blue + Golden
The design of the logo are the official colors of the European Union: a dark blue and gold, which also creates the impression with the name of the organization.

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