Space success
for business group Aviantica

  • Project type Brand Identity
  • Industry Business / Finances
  • Client Aviantica
  • Completed 2014
  • Location Groningen, Netherlands

The concept of «cosmic success»

The Dutch business company turned to us for help in the development of identity. After some discussion, it was chosen the name of the new company - Aviantica

The concept of the logo and the style was directed already called. Financial company with a name that is associated with the "aircraft" / "heaven", but it has nothing to do with the aviation industry. The solution of this difficult combination was to be found in the logo. We decided not to Iti and unite against the current 2 disciplines (aviation and finance) in one concept.


Aviantica a European financial company that aims to reach the top in their field. She aspires to new heights, moving, evolving and is not afraid of risk, if there is scope for the discovery of new opportunities, so his business space mission to Mars.

a cold and rasschetlivom In the business world, this approach points directly to an ambitious and successful professionals.

Elements and values

Graphic sign

Percentage satellite

This difficult mark was created to focus on the man-made spacecraft - a satellite, the first object, which came out in open space.

Sputnik is a symbol of new achievements and heights, dynamics and progress. With all the features of this satellite has found the percent sign "%" to show the connection with the world of finance. Next to new heights.

«Let's go!»

Yuriy Gagarin, "Vostok», 12.04.1961


Heavenly Blue + Dark Blue

Selected colors correspond to the concept and help provide the necessary sense of trust, security and professionalism. The blue color is commonly associated with the business and the color of the sky, which leads to a very good combination.



The font is an important part of the logo, as it echoes the dynamic soft curves in the flying objects. We have developed our own, unique headset that most accurately fits into our concept and makes the logo recognizable Aviantica.

Как проходило создание логотипа Aviantica.