Family values
in the modern business world

  • Project type Brand Identity
  • Industry Business / Finances
  • Client Frepero Holding B.V.
  • Completed 2014
  • Location Groningen, Netherlands

«Mediterranean Family» concept

After a brief with the customers, we have caught the main idea of the new company - the company Frepero inextricably linked with Italian motifs and family values. It was decided to focus on the natural luxury with an Italian / Mediterranean flavor.

"We love the trees and the sea, deep green and turquoise Family -. It is a symbol of the holding, such as" family "of the company are typical for the south of Europe" - says Robert, director and inspirer of the company.

The message

Frepero Holding refers to its customers and partners with all the passion and care that is inherent in every member of the Italian family (remember the movie "The Godfather" :) Strong loyalty and extensive partner network, maintenance of long-term relationships to help create an atmosphere of trust and effective cooperation.

The company logo must personify these business-quality, inspire confidence and peace of mind.


Graphic sign

Business «tree»

Tree was not chosen by chance as the main element of the logo - it concentrated the most positive associations: family, history, wisdom, stability, growth and prosperity. "The perfect image for our company," - says Robert.


Fresh light turquoise and brown

These colors help to complete the image of a tree and display the family character of the company. Green - the key to life and new prospects, while brown represents men's motives: a rod nadzhezhnost and stability.


Roman font

The project used the classic Roman font type, in order to link the graphic sign with the name, as well as to give it richness and elegance.

Процесс создания логотипа Frepero.