Traditional Japanese food
with home delivery

  • Project type BRAND IDENTITY
  • Industry Food
  • Client Natto
  • Completed 2016
  • Location Kiev, Ukraine

What we need to do?

Natto is the delivery of the project under the order of quality of Japanese cuisine in the city of Kiev. They wanted to expand its own peculiarities, and add to the grill menu of Japanese cuisine. This was the reason for that would create a new character and a corresponding corporate identity.

Another reason for the change of image was the participation in the 15 Street Food Festival in Kiev, which was held November 07-08, 2015. We needed a new sign and firm style, but the writing they still wanted to leave because the longer the 1st year working in Kiev delivery market and it has already become recognizable. Their team consists of professional work experience in Japanese cuisine which is more than a dozen years. For a long time we have worked in a certain quality for lovers of Japanese cuisine restaurant Kiev.

Not an easy task to find a common ground between the culture of Japanese cuisine Grilled Japanese traditions and delivery as well as add corporate writing the character of the rising sun.

The message and meaning

The word Natto their sound immediately sets the theme of the east. Get it "inherited" by naming the client pleasantly pleased therefore to create images was easier.

The client requested that the logo was concise and rather strict and associated with quality about it says a Japanese character who also had to leave the client's request.

Elements and values

Graphic sign

Cuisine + traditions

The sign can be seen a lot of images related to both with Japan and with the culture of the grill. but despite this there is room for imagination and everyone can see that in addition is its.

We tried to find as the most vibrant and pave some logical thread between all these possible symbols linking two different cultures then select. and compared the food, and items that can be used to prepare or enjoy these foods and culture in general.

«Snowy morning.
One salted salmon

Matsuo Basho


Black, white, red

Black white and red it has long been established that the color is often used in the representation of Eastern culture and instantly evoke associations related to this area. At the request of the customer, we did not just change them and have only some changes in the shade of red, and added his cold tones :) The colors and so we came, because the culture of the grill can also quite clearly present in these colors. This fact and the sunrise and red fish / ginger in oriental culture and such a red-hot coal, or some sort of hot sauce, chili culture Grill.


Design font

Initially, writing was performed Verdan Oh, and do not assume any unique as the customer did not want to radically change it for all the same reasons above. but agreed to make changes that would add to this writing of the nature of Japanese culture and the inscription would have gained some sense :)

Icons and patterns

The last step was the creation of brand icons in the form of illustrations kitchen sections which are then used to create a menu and other products.

Based on the above icons were created by special patterns that emphasize and distinguish a particular section and helping the customer faster and easier to navigate in a variety of dishes.

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Traditional Japanese food
with home delivery