reliability to support your business

  • Project type Brand Identity
  • Industry Business / Finances
  • Client Pro Vitae Holding B.V.
  • Completed 2014
  • Location Groningen, Netherlands

The concept of «Ancient Power»

The image of the logo was inspired by the ancient Mediterranean cultures, which is clearly evident in Latin Pro Vitae title. This connection helps the viewer to perceive and remember the logo is much easier without causing any discord between the name and the picture

The message

Pro Vitae - a strong financial holding company, which professes a classic business tradition. It is a reliable and powerful organization with a strong heart for the financial services market

The Vvalues and elements

Graphic sign

Ancient Roman column

Column as a symbol of power and support element gives the corresponding logo association with the male. On this sign have inspired the building of New York Stock Exchange, which is decorated in antique style columns. In addition, the image turns into an arrow tending upwards. This is one of the most popular financial symbols intuitively associated with well-being and growth. string bands are complementary elements that come together and support your success.


Grey marble and ceramic tile

Matching colors and fonts to help link the sign with the Roman sculpture, leaving a sense of stability and professionalism of the cold


Roman font

The project used the Roman font type, in order to associate the logo with the name, as well as to give it richness and elegance.

Как проходило создание логотипа Provitae.