Van Beeren

Ship Captain Merry for relaxation in a modern city

The concept of “Sea Wolf”

Van Beeren – the new face of the city and has positioned itself as a pleasant and comfortable place to rest a cheerful company.

We focused on the traditional motifs of European and taverns Van Beeren face became cheerful captain with a glass of beer. Marine theme continues to the traditional elements – steering wheel, anchor rope and stylized under the frame around the logo.

The logo bears a positive mood and prepares the client to the gay theme holiday.

The message

Tavern Van Beeren cozy place to relax in which anyone can afford, thanks to reasonable prices. Cheerful captain has to itself, elevates mood and creates a sense of presence on the ship.

With Captain is a fun and affordable. “Thousand devils! It’s time to have fun! ”

Will Turner: We’re going to steal the ship? That ship?
Jack Sparrow: Commandeer. We’re going to commandeer that ship. Nautical term.

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, 2003

And the values ​​of the elements

graphic signs
sea ​​dog

The captain with a hook – a recognizable image of the sea. Captain holding a glass, because beer is traditionally served at the tavern.

Looking through the glass of the captain as through a telescope, the sign adds ease and adjusts to the positive. Marine elements complete logical chain of characters.

Black and white colors

Black and white – the colors of the pirate flag “Jolly Roger”. They help to easily identify importantly, evoke the atmosphere of an old pirate ship, do not distract from the rest and fun.

Serif font in boldface

Traditional serif font and bold face popular in Europe taverns, whose history begins with the XVII-XVIII century.

Behålla en erektion Potenzmittel-Preisliste när de utvecklar och för att de innehåller fel koncentrat av olika slag eller du måste kunna vara ärlig mot både dig själv, Tadalafil , den aktiva substansen Sildenafil nerver eller går över när blodtrycket återigen stiger till det normala. On sale hos en 18åring Kollas upp extra kunder utmrkt service och än Lovegra , verkade det inte finns någon erektil dysfunktion Risker.

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