VLS и Hanze
opens the way to Europe

  • Project type Print
  • Industry Education
  • Client VLS / Hanze University
  • Completed 2015
  • Location Vinnytsia, Ukraine / Groningen, Netherlands

The challenge and promise

VLS and Hanze 15 years together

On the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the language training center VLS and its cooperation with the Netherlands' University of Applied Sciences Hanze, we are faced with the task of creating a super-advertising anniversary calendar.

The product must emphasize:

  • The success of this cooperation in the form of real achievements of graduates;
  • The Pride of the International Union of Ukraine and the Netherlands;
  • The prospect of studying abroad and the promotion of the VLS.

The idea, images and features of the project implementation

Theme: "Bright International Tandem»

The title page signed a huge symbolic and promise, while it stands and posters. For these reasons, it demanded a more complex design and development of the organization as compared to the inner filling the calendar.

In an effort to convey the spirit of youth and students, we decided to turn to a clear, bright and simplistic elements. Traditional Dutch house and a bicycle - the best way to describe the true values ​​and the incredible magnetism Holland.

Bike in this case is perfect for the role of the image of youthful enthusiasm and freedom, as well as demonstrates the operation of 2 partners, which harmoniously like the wheels are moving in the same direction.

To fix the send, use the flag of Ukraine and Holland, each of which represents the above-mentioned educational institutions. Finally, both the name and the message of the project «Hanzehoogeschool - VLS 15 years together" playfully intertwined with the basic elements, complementing and ending with the promise of a calendar.

Internal pages were given a lot easier. At their design we adhere to clear stylistic lines and forms that are understandable to the viewer. At the same time, the highlight of each page is a graduate of the inscribed in the figure - number of months in a year. In addition to photographs there is still personal information and a quote about the prospect of studying abroad.

Bright orange

An important role in the composition plays an orange color. It is primarily an emotional burden and communicates the positive, warm, youth and energy. At the same time bright orange color is a traditional and well-known all over the world a symbol of the Netherlands, Hanzehoogeschool and VLS.

The main color is used on the cover of the calendar, and is duplicated on each page with the main message. Bright rich colors, the source of which was made Hanzehoogeschool style and overall thrust of the project, specific to each month.

The color range is designed to complement and enrich the portraits of graduates, while maintaining stylistic mood.

Elements and values

The target audience

This will be interesting to

Post-apocalyptic-Soviet Ukrainian businessmen, civil servants, wealthy people who want a bright, bright future and their children's quality education in Europe.

Pragmatic, emotional, individualistic people who are in need of selecting and emotions.

Key Association:

Together forever

Friendship, Partnership, a tandem team, mutual work, reliability, youth, creativity, freshness, study, students, Holland, Ukraine, life without boundaries, new horizons, is available to everyone, freedom and success.

VLS и Hanze
opens the way to Europe